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Which New Audi is Kicking Sales Ass?

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Hint: it's most direct competitor is the also strong-selling Mercedes CLA.

Audi has just reported record US sales for this past April. A total of 15,653 vehicles were sold, a 19 percent increase from the year prior. In fact, this was Audi's second-best month ever in the US. And which new model does Audi have to thank for a good part of this success? The new A3 sedan. A total of 2,159 A3 sedans were sold in its first full month in dealerships, proving to Audi that Americans still crave small premium sedans.

The A3's most direct competitor, the Mercedes-Benz CLA, also had a good month with 1,575 units sold. Audi has a goal to selling 200,000 units annually in the US by 2020. In 2013, Audi sold 158,000 cars in the US. In other words, Audi is well on track to accomplishing that goal, likely sooner than expected. Both Audi and Mercedes are gunning for younger buyers these days, hoping to catch them early and keep them loyal as they move up the chain. Both the A3 sedan and CLA start at just under $30,000, and so far, competing German brand BMW doesn't offer a model at that price point.

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