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Which Of These Beauties Would You Choose For A Le Mans Road Trip?

Evo pits the 911 GT3 against the 458 Speciale on a special French adventure.

Afterseeing these two epic cars hash it out on the drag strip, it's time to embarkon a short road trip to check out how these monsters do on the open road. Andwhat better road to travel than the cross-country route leading to LeMans, where these performance-oriented variants can show off their true colors?While these colors may vary from the 911's rear-mounted 3.8-liter inline six tothe 458 Speciale's mid-engine 4.5-liter V8, they both have a lot to offer. And as the guys from Evo discover, the choice of flavors canbe a bit confusing.

Checkout how this remarkable cast performs on this special road trip and see whichone you would choose for the excursion:

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