Which Of These Female Celebrities Have The Best Taste In Cars?

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We take a look at famous ladies with awesome taste in cars.

We have done a few lists of the best, and the tackiest, celebrity cars. Both times, the majority of the cool celebrity cars were owned by men. Perhaps this is because men have better taste in cars? Female celebrities seem to not care as much about what car they drive. As long as it says Bentley or Land Rover on it, it will probably suffice. However, there are a few female celebrities out there with impeccable taste in cars and a true passion for automobiles. Here's a modest selection for your viewing pleasure.

First on the list is Kim Kardashian, even if this pick is bound to ruffle a few feathers. We have included the Jenner family on our celebrity lists before, but the Kardashians obviously care about cars as well. While Kim does not go too far above the typical "must buy a Bentley or Range Rover" trend, she does have quite a lot of cars. Her collection has included a Range Rover (obviously), a Bentley Continental GTC (another obviously), a Rolls Royce Ghost, a Mercedes G63, and a Ferrari 458 Italia. Say what you want about the unoriginality of the cars (in Hollywood), but this is a seriously expensive obsession. When many celebrities are content driving a Prius around, we have to give props to Kim Kardashian for her better than average taste in cars.

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In 2008 talk show host Ellen DeGeneres married actress/model Portia de Rossi. Aside from having a beautiful wife, Ellen also has several beautiful cars that have the same name. Yes, Ellen's love for Portia carries over to her cars! DeGeneres has been seen in Los Angeles driving around in several Porsche models including the GTS and 993 pictured above. It seems that Ellen is a huge Porsche fan, and buys a new one almost every year. In addition to the GTS, she has been seen driving a Carrera S, Carrera 4S, Turbo S, and a Cayenne. She was even spotted with Portia behind the wheel of a Ferrari California. Clearly she loves cars.

Next up we have Sheryl Crow. Nominated for over 30 Grammy Awards and nine-time winner, she also has a pretty good taste in cars. While her Hollywood pals favor the Prius, she has a Mercedes R320 BlueTec. We really like the R-Class (mainly the completely unnecessary R63 AMG), and total get the appeal for a diesel in Hollywood. However, this is not her only vehicle. Although she sold it at auction to benefit a tornado relief fund, she once owned a 1959 Mercedes 190 SL roadster. Clearly Crow has a love of Mercedes-Benz cars, and even had her songs featured in the movie Cars.


When celebrities buy cars, they typically go for expensive cars that have the most brand recognition. That is why Ferrari and Bentley models are so popular in Hollywood. However, not all celebrities live on the west coast. Alicia Keys spends most of her time in New York City, so it may be expected that she would want to drive something comfortable, right? WRONG! When battling the insane traffic in New York City, Alicia Keys uses a Lotus Evora GTE! This seems like a completely odd choice to go for a car that was purpose built for the track. It may be red, but Lotuses don't show off quite as much as Ferraris do. Perhaps Keys cares more about driving pleasure than having a flashy, well-known badge. That makes her pretty special.

Our final name on the list is Tamara Ecclestone. Fans of Formula One racing are likely familiar with her father who is the sport's chief executive. Born in Milan to a rich family, Tamara has been known to live a lavish lifestyle. This is reflected in her taste in cars. She is a fashion model, television host and socialite, so naturally she has some nice cars. Her collection includes a Ferrari 599 GTO, Lamborghini Aventador and Bentley Continental GT. Obviously, as the heiress of Formula One, Tamara Ecclestone was bound to make this list. Let us know which female celebrity you think has the best cars!

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