Which Of These Two Cars Is About To Get Beaten With A Baseball Bat?


This is one of the craziest BMW stories we've ever heard.

Stories like these are why people think BMW owners are asses. The majority of them aren't, but this guy certainly did his part to keep the stereotype alive. The story was first posted on Bimmerforums by a user in Ottawa, Canada. Apparently the guy fully restored his 1998 740i not long ago and parks in two spots in an effort to keep it safe. He qualifies this by saying that he tries to find spots in parking lots where no one is, which he said he did in this situation.

Despite the lot being empty a guy in an F-150 still decided to teach the two-space parker a lesson. The BMW owner came out and called a number listed on the truck (it was a work truck), asking the person to tell whoever was driving it to move. Choice language was used during the call and when no one came out to move the truck the BMW driver took matters into his own hands. Yup, the guy in the BMW bashed off the F-150's mirror with a baseball bat. The cops eventually contacted him and he decided to post to Bimmerforums seeking legal advice. Needless to say he was eviscerated by the other members and is now a pariah.

Source Credits: www.bimmerforums.com

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