Which Pontiac GTO is Better: 1969 Vs. 2006?

Is it even possible to pick a winner?

Pontiac is gone and will never return. Perhaps this is for the best. After all, for many years Pontiac was reduced to rebadged Chevys. Only in its last couple of years did the Solstice, G8, and GTO launch. It was too little, too late. Fortunately, Pontiac left behind a wonderful legacy that included cars such as the Firebird and original GTO. And the latter is the subject of this latest episode of Generation Gap. The comparison is simple: a 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge with 400 horsepower and a 2006 Custom GTO.

Now, the latter is something quite special. It’s a one-off prototype widebody with a twin-turbo LS2 V8 producing 750 hp. We’ll admit that we prefer the looks of the classic GTO over the 2006 model, but that twin-turbo LS2 just sounds incredible. It’s a tough call to make, but which one do you prefer?

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