Which Rumored BMWs Are A Definite No-Go?

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New management kills enthusiasts' hopes for some alleged developments.

For some time, sources close to BMW, fans and even management officials have been providing inside information, leaks or rumors regarding upcoming dream models that 'could be in the works'. Well, now there's a new chairman, Harald Kruger, and R&D chief, Klaus Frohlich, in town, and they have some bad news for fans who were holding their breath for one of these models. Speaking to Automobile Magazine, the new management duo said that some purported developments will be taken off the board, even if they weren't ever really on it.

Kruger and Forhlich have annihilated rumors regarding the development of a much-anticipated higher-performance version of the i8 – the i8S. Also out of the question are an M8 model (with no 8 Series to base it on), as well as a 9 Series coupe. Next on the kill list are the Z2 roadster and 2 Series GT, in addition to several concepts from Mini. The good news? BMW will be focusing its energy on the next Project i model, the long awaited i5, which will be arriving in traditional sedan form.

Source Credits: www.automobilemag.com

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