Which Top Gear Host Just Bought A Ford Focus RS?


This hot hatch is becoming a magnet for celebrity car lovers.

The hosts of Top Gear get to drive some amazing cars, so choosing one to actually buy means that it must be very special. The Ford Focus RS is already drawing the attention of famous car guys including Shmee150 and Matt Farah who have each bought one in Nitrous Blue. Now we know that another Matt has purchased one. Ken Block posted a picture on Instagram of Matt LeBlanc showing off his new daily driver. Like Shmee and Farah, LeBlanc has ordered his car in Nitrous Blue, which seems like the most popular color so far.


Block posted the picture with the caption "My buddy/current Top Gear host Matt LeBlanc (@mleblanc) has been able to drive some of the best cars in the world right now. So what did he choose as his daily driver? A new Ford Focus RS! I approve of this decision. And bonus points for the Hoonigan license plate frame!" We thought that the Focus RS might have been overhyped just a little bit, but all of these celebrities have driven hundreds of cars and still purchased an RS. Perhaps it really is that good.

Source Credits: www.instagram.com

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