Which 'Top Gear' Presenter Is In An All-American Reliant Robin?

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Unoriginal or awesome?

It seems that we have our first good look at Matt LeBlanc filming a piece for the new "Top Gear." LeBlanc was seen driving a Reliant Robin that has been turned into a convertible. Jeremy Clarkson made a spectacle of the Robin when he rolled the car repeatedly, although the results were exaggerated. We have already seen that Clarkson's new show on Amazon would feature Reliant Robins, and it seems that the BBC isn't capable of coming up with original ideas. Although rolling over in a convertible is much more dangerous.

Thanks to @mattypop39 on Twitter, we got to see footage of the Reliants that "Top Gear" will be using for an upcoming episode. The Robins have been painted in the flags of America and Great Britain, likely to represent the country of the presenter who will be driving. It is good to see that the new show will be going back to one of the funniest gags from the Jeremy Clarkson days, but it does show that there may be a lack of originality on the writers part. We will see which new show does a better Reliant Robin film. Who do you think will do better?

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