Which US State Buys the Most EVs? Hint: Gold, Beaches, and Arnold


Nearly half of all EV sales are sold here.

You've probably already guessed it by now. California, according to a newly released report by the US Energy Information Administration (IEA), has the greatest number of electric vehicle sales in the United States. What's more, the report finds that overall sales of EVs and plug-ins are still only a small fraction of the total America vehicle fleet. Demand isn't growing at the same pace in which new cars featuring either of these technologies are introduced.

Following California, drivers in Hawaii and Washington have also been buying EVs, constituting nearly three of every 1,000 registered new vehicles in each state. So why is California the most popular for EVs, where about five plug-based vehicles account for every 1,000 registered cars? There are a few reasons. For starters, California offers tax credits and other incentives in order to gain access to the desirable high-occupancy vehicle lanes even with just one person in the car. Also, the general population of the state is more environmentally conscious. The state government has also passed many Zero-Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) rules.


Even the California Air Resources Board set specific minimum requirements for all major automakers. If they don't comply, they can't sell cars in the state. Overall EV sales across the US, however, have failed to meet expectations.

Source Credits: thedetroitbureau.com

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