Which US State Has The Most Expensive Car Insurance?

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Trust us, the answer is not what you'd expect.

We doubt most Americans choose to live in any state based purely on car insurance rates, but the overall cost of living for anyone anywhere is often a factor. But say you wanted to keep your car insurance as low as possible, which state(s) should you live and, more importantly, which ones should you avoid? According to The Detroit Bureau and Insure.com, Michigan, of all places, has the highest average cost of car insurance in the US. That average? $2,738 a year. That's more than double the national average of $1,325.

It's the third year in a row Michigan has had this distinction. So why the high rates? "Michigan's no-fault requirement, while trying to curb insurance fraud, causes astronomical rates. It then creates a high percentage of drivers who cannot afford to be insured – raising rates even more so. It's a dangerous cycle," stated Penny Gusner, Insure.com analyst. Montana, New Jersey, Louisiana and Oklahoma round out the remaining top five for most expensive. So, which state is the cheapest? That'd be Maine, followed by Ohio, Wisconsin, Idaho and New Hampshire. How come? "Most of the least expensive states don't have as large metropolitan areas as the most expensive group. With less congestion comes fewer accidents and less risk for insurers."

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