While Ferrari Debates A New Dino, How About This Reborn 288 GTO?

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Heck, let this inspire a 488 GTO.

Once again there's talk within Ferrari about bringing back its famed Dino. We've heard this all before and the car that materialized was the California. Is there a market for an entry-level Ferrari? Would doing so dilute the brand? How much lower would it, theoretically, need to be priced so that it doesn't infringe upon 488 territory (the California T is likely on its way out)? All of that is exactly what Ferrari management, led by CEO Sergio Marchionne, is working out right now.

In the meantime, rendering artist Matthew Parsons has come up with an intriguing (if not outright brilliant) idea for a reborn 288 GTO. The renderings shown here are a direct modern day design interpretation of one of Ferrari's greatest. We love it, but it'd literally be impossible to get the Ferrari suits to approve such a design; they don't like to do the same thing twice. However, there are some design elements that could potentially be applied to the upcoming hardcore version of the 488 GTB. There's already a rumor floating around that Ferrari might, just might, bring back the "GTO" moniker, which hasn't been used since 2011 in the 599 GTO.

Ferrari only uses "GTO" if the car is truly worthy of that special name. With the right performance capabilities and styling, we'd say yes. Will the hardcore 488 have both? Would Ferrari be willing to do some sort of "tribute" styling? So many questions, so few answers, unfortunately. But for now, let us know what you think of these reborn 288 GTO renderings and whether or not Ferrari ought to make use of them somehow.

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