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While We Wait for Aston Martin to Reveal All About the DB10, Here’s the Volante

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With the reveal of the DB10, we can't wait for the DB11.

Revealing a new Aston Martin as part of a promotional event for the next James Bond movie was pretty unusual. Could this car really be the DB9's successor? As it turned out, the DB10 was nothing more than a show piece, designed with help from the new 007 flick's director, Sam Mendes. Essentially a rebodied Vantage, with a 4.7-liter V8, it still has plenty of sex appeal and does hint at the future design direction for the brand.

It also, as this rendering proves, looks stunning as a convertible. The DB10 will be limited to ten units, and the DB9's true successor, tipped to be called the DB11, will arrive in 2016. A drop-top Volante variant, however, will remain fantasy, just like the Shooting Brake envisioned over the weekend.

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