White Could Be The Sexiest Color We've Ever Seen On The Ford GT

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But is it better than blue or yellow?

While Ford may not have released any major announcements about its GT at the Detroit Auto Show, the automaker did have its supercar on display and the vehicle is a head turner in any color. The supercar may have been finished in a simple white color, but the paint scheme still revealed the gorgeous lines on what might be the craziest supercar to come out of the US. We've seen the GT in other colors before (primarily blue), but, somehow, white seems to match the vehicle extremely well and really reveals the incredible design of the supercar.

The white color also highlights the GT's bare carbon fiber parts that have been fitted throughout the entire supercar. The black massive rear diffuser, side skirts, front splitter, side mirrors and exhaust outlets all help the GT's white color pop. From the back, we can see the GT's 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 that is reported to make over 600 horsepower. With only 250 units coming out every year and with a price tag of roughly $400,000, we hope a lot of GTs will be finished in this gorgeous shade of white but don't think that will happen. White just doesn't scream "supercar," ya know? Pictures courtesy of Sasha Madin (CarBuzz).

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