Who Cares If BMW Won't Make An M7: Alpina Works Its Magic With The B7

BMW's too scared to make this beast.

Despite numerous rumors and trademark filings, BMW doesn’t have any plans to make an M7. While the world waits to see if BMW will grow a pair and create a high-performance variant of the 7-Series, Alpina has a mind of its own and creates the most potent 7-Series that money can buy. In typical fashion, BMW and Alpina haven’t revealed the next B7 yet and have instead decided to release a teaser with the vehicle going around the track. The car may be wearing camouflage, but we can still make out some of Alpina’s bodywork through the disguise.

What isn’t hard to miss is the upcoming B7’s glorious exhaust note, which can still be heard through the opera music. One thing’s for sure, the next B7 will be a beast.

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