Who Crashes A Dodge Challenger Outside A Car Museum? This Guy

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And then it caught on fire. Well done, lad.

Meet 22-year-old Dakota Eckmann. He's now in legal trouble for multiple offenses. Where to begin? According to the Northwest Herald of McHenry County, Illinois, Eckmann was driving his 2014 Dodge Challenger on a local road going 84 mph, obviously well over the speed limit. A passing police car took notice and pursued Eckmann who, in his infinite wisdom, opted to speed up to 100 mph. A short chase ensued. It didn't take long for Eckmann to lose control and crash into a pole. Ironically, this pole is located right outside the Volo Auto Museum.

The Challenger then caught on fire, but Eckmann managed to get out in time. Responding firefighters saw not only the burning Challenger, but also Eckmann sitting on the side of the road, being watched over by the police. No serious injuries occurred, and the fire was quickly extinguished. Eckmann has now been charged with aggravated fleeing and attempting to elude police officers, reckless driving and, oh yeah, possession of drug paraphernalia. His toxicology test results are pending as he sits in the local jail. Photos courtesy of Northwest Herald.

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