Who Engraved “Done!” On His New Ferrari LaFerrari?

Clue: he swears a lot.

Here are a few clues regarding the owner of this stunning Ferrari LaFerrari. He’s a British guy that loves to shout. And swear. A lot. He was once destined to become a professional soccer player before suffering a career-ending injury. He partakes in the occasional iron man competition and runs marathons. Oh, and he likes to cook. Yep, it’s everyone’s (and by that we mean a handful of people) favorite celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay.

The blonde-haired star of Hell’s Kitchen recently took delivery of his LaFerrari, which has “DONE!” laser-etched on the bottom of the hypercar’s steering wheel. That’s a word the foul-mouthed Ferrari fan likes to use when sending contestants home from the show. Most owners put their name there, so at least we know the guy has a sense of humor.

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