Who In The World Would Want This Much Power In A Supercar?

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Forget supercars, this thing is insane.

The Nissan GT-R has an extremely devoted fan base that not only enjoys driving the supercar in its stock form, but also enjoys tuning the beast to incredible levels. GT-R fanatics will be familiar with Gidi-the mind behind the Alpha 20 Nissan GT-R. For those not in the know, the Alpha 20 Nissan GT-R claimed the title of being the most powerful and fastest GT-R in the world until the introduction of the Alpha Omega GT-R. After a major accident claimed the Alpha 20, Gidi is back at work on creating the most extreme GT-R ever.

With collaboration with AMS Performance, Gidi's new creation is referred to as the "Alpha G" and promises to be the most hardcore GT-R ever built. The goal is to get the supercar to put out an incredible 2,500 hp, which would make it the most powerful GT-R ever built. The tuning company is using the already crazy Alpha Omega as a learning platform to perfect the new Alpha G. Needless to say, the Alpha G is expected to be faster than anything from the AMS shop, and will come boasting the latest Alpha VR38 Billet Version 2 engine block and two Garrett GTX Turbos. Full specs on the tuned supercar will be released at TX2K16 in March.

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