Who Knew A Chinese Police Chase Would Have Such A Thrilling Ending?

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This is poof that scooter chases don't always suck.

Most of the police chases we see, come from either the United States, Russia or some other part of the world where the cops and crooks drive cars. We rarely see the Chinese getting in on the action, until now! This video was reportedly shot in China and shows a policeman either on a motorcycle or scooter chasing down a thief on a scooter. What he stole we don't know. But it's hopefully not the scooter he's riding. Now this is no high-speed pursuit. In fact, there's not much drama at all until the pursuit comes to an abrupt and thrilling end courtesy of a red car.

This guy got lit up and shook it off like it's something that happens to him every day. He must have been stunned, though, because he never even looked to run and was quickly arrested.

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