Who Knew Hypercar Drivers Were Complete A-Holes?


This is another one of our favorite stories from 2015.

Supercar owners have always been regarded as some of theworst drivers in the world. Just because individuals have the means to purchasesome of the most expensive and powerful machines ever made doesn’t meanthat they know how to drive them. Take the Arab Ferrari LaFerrari driver who terrorized a Beverly Hills neighborhood a few months ago and gotaway with it. He did burnouts, full-throttle launches, ranstop signs and abused the crap out of the vehicle. Watching the jerk abuse the Ferrari and put others in danger was hard to stomach.

The whole thing turned into a huge ordeal, but the richindividual behind it all escaped the country without a scratch. When you have an extremely rarehypercar, you can do whatever you want.

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So, how did this guy get off free? Well, he started by claiming diplomatic immunity. Yup, being a diplomat or related to one means you can hoon your supercar through a residential area and not get busted for it. The guy then fled the country, taking his cars with him back to Qatar. Eventually it was discovered that the driver and owner of the LaFerrari was Sheikh Khalid Hamad Al-Thani, a member of Qatar's royal family. Fun fact: He didn't have diplomatic immunity. This was one of our favorite stories of the year because it serves as a nice reminder that, although most supercar owners are fine people, some are just giant asshole with more money than sense.