Who Knew Skiing Without Snow Would Make Such A Badass Car Commercial?

Because even all-wheel-drive systems get commercials.

Professional French freestlye skier Candide Thovex and Audi have teamed up to make a pretty amazing commercial advertising the Quattro all-wheel-drive system. The best part about this video is that you can’t tell it’s an advertisement until the very end. There’s no overbearing narrator telling you about how artistic control feels nor are there quick cuts to an Audi effortlessly clinging to any and all terrain at high speeds. It’s just Thovex tearing down the side of a mountain, one that’s covered with no snow at all.

We don’t know much about skiing so we won’t speak to whether or not it’s possible to slide down a mountain devoid of snow. We also hope the ending, where it’s revealed that this is indeed an Audi ad, is real. You’ll see what we mean when you check this video out.

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