Who Knew Vice President Joe Biden Was A Burnout Master?

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Only when the Secret Service allows him to be, that is.

You know Jay Leno can pull serious strings to get quality content for his "Jay Leno's Garage" web series when Vice President Joe Biden starts off by saying: "I owe you big, do you realize this is only the third time I'm getting to drive this in seven years?" It turns out Vice President Biden is a lover of fine automobiles and when Leno found out he organised a meeting at a secure Secret Service training facility outside Washington D.C. to chat about cars, in particular a 1967 Corvette Stingray.

The reason Vice President Biden says he owed Jay? Because the Secret Service won't allow a Vice President to drive during his term, even six months after it's over.

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Joe Biden took ownership of the Corvette in August of 1967. His father wasn't wealthy, but he ran the largest Chevy dealership in Biden's home state of Delaware for years. Joe was about to get married when his father suggested that the couple take their cars to the dealership for a refresher for the wedding. But when the couple arrived, a wall of 75 people parted to reveal the Stingray, which turned out to be their wedding present. Now that's an awesome father! The car has been part of the Biden family ever since and probably always will be. It's great to see people in important positions keep up their motoring passions. That launch though, just right, complete with a genuine race face.

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