Who Made the Best Old Cop Car?

Two classic cop cars go head-to-head to see which ranks supreme in some of the craziest stunts we've ever seen.

Ford and Chevy fans have for years been debating which brand does things better. Who makes the better truck? Family hauler? Pony car? The list goes on but on this latest episode of "Roadkill", Hot Rod magazine's editors want to find out which used cop car ranks supreme in a day that involves putting the retired cars through some serious, if somewhat unconventional, testing. The old Chevy Caprice faces off against the Ford Crown Vic in a drag race, a donut challenge and some wicked thrashing on dirt roads.

Toss in a trip to the desert and a new low budget form of motorsport and you've got what's clearly the most fun anyone will ever have on the job. So which of these two classic rear-wheel-drive V8-powered ex-cop cars comes out on top? Check out the entire episode and you too will want to find an old cop car to total.

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