Who Needs a Cayenne When a 911 Can Do This?

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Old-school '83 911 tackles the dunes in California, proving once and for all that ground clearance and all-wheel drive are no barriers to off-roading.

With a low ground clearance, an engine mounted way in the back and usually driving just the rear wheels, a Porsche 911 may not seem like your ideal off-roader. But rally racers over the years have set out to prove that notion wrong. In this video clip, the owner of a 1983 Porsche 911 SC - claimed to be bone-stock aside from some floodlights - shows just what a Carrera can do given the opportunity.

The footage was shot in the sand dunes of Ocotillo Wells in California this past New Years Day, and leaves us wondering what the Porsche Cayenne is good for if a 911 can climb up ascents that even a Ford F-150 with an off-road package couldn't. Or for that matter, what we really need of the all-wheel-drive Carrera 4.

Source Credits: jalopnik.com

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