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Who Paid To Fix Tracy Morgan's Damaged Bugatti Veyron?

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The comedian's hypercar has been repaired.

Early last month, actor and comedian Tracy Morgan purchased a gorgeous 2012 Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport for a reported $2 million from a Manhattan dealership. Only an hour after leaving the dealer, a Honda CR-V smashed into the Bugatti causing not serious but still noticeable damage. This was definitely not the kind of day Morgan – or any Veyron owner – wants to experience, but things happen. Fortunately, it appears the Veyron has been repaired.

According to TMZ, Morgan has just been spotted driving around New York City in his completely repaired Veyron. Despite the front end damage being minor to begin with, it's impossible to tell anything happened. Morgan can thank the excellent work of a local and certified Bugatti repair shop for this. And this issue is reportedly causing some issues between insurance companies. Specifically, who should pony up the cash for the estimated $32,000 repair bill?

TMZ claims it's unlikely that the Honda driver's insurance will cover the full amount. This insurance plan does not fully cover repairs worth over a certain amount. Then again, the insurance company probably didn't think the chances were so great its client would hit a Bugatti. But it happened, and now someone has to pay. Did Tracy Morgan have to pay a portion out of pocket? Probably not. He has insurance, too. Chances are the two insurance companies are now arguing over who has to pay for the damage. Meanwhile, Tracy Morgan can happily go back to driving his repaired Veyron.

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Bugatti owners obviously won't take their vehicles to just any body shop when something bad happens. In fact, Bugatti requires owners to have their cars serviced at one of its certified shops. This alone will automatically increase the repair bill. This is yet another reminder that just because you have the funds to buy a hypercar, you'll also need the money for high insurance premiums and all other related maintenance expenses.