Who's the Most Fuel Efficient Automaker in the US?

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Hint: Zoom-Zoom.

There's a seemingly endless news cycle regarding what are the most fuel efficient cars currently on the market. And now the EPA has just released its data regarding the most fuel efficient in the US. Toyota? Tesla? Heck, is it Nissan? Nope to all three because the answer is Mazda – and it doesn't even sell a hybrid or an EV. How do you like them apples This is the second year Mazda has topped this list, but the news gets even better for the Japanese brand.

In addition to having the highest fleet-wide fuel economy this past year, its cars released the lowest emissions when compared to 11 other major automakers, such as Honda, Toyota, VW and Ford. Mazda also increased its 2013 model year fuel economy to 27.5 mpg, up from 27 just last year. As a whole, Mazda saw its model lineup emissions fall to 324 grams of CO2 per mile. Last year that number was 328, and the year before that it was 356. So how does Mazda do it? SkyActiv engines and other advanced technologies are the key, and the fact Mazda doesn't sell many large models.

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