Who’s Up For Investing in a Hoverbike?

Manned hoverbike could be a reality...with your help.

It’s not quite the hoverboard we’ve been dreaming about since childhood, but a hoverbike might just be the next best thing. Desined by London-based Kiwi Chris Malloy, the hoverbike is an intriguing mix of motorcycle and helicopter that uses spinning rotors at the front and rear to generate lift. Given this is the focus of a Kickstarter campaign, you won’t be too surprised to hear the Hoverbike prototype is a long way off being production ready.

However, small-scale testing proves the design works and third-scale remote-controlled models are available for purchase for 2,100 pounds via the crowd-sourced campaign.

For that you’ll also be put up for the night in a five-star hotel, be treated to a pub lunch and given a t-shirt home. Just over £21,000 of the £30,000 target has been raised thusfar. So if you’re feeling flush or simply want to help get the Hoverbike made, check out the campaign and pledge a donation.

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