Who's Worse? Driver Who Crashed Viper Or The Idiots Laughing At Him

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We thought car fans were better than this.

The Dodge Viper was never the easiest car to handle. That mighty V10 combined with rear-wheel-drive can be a challenge, but that's part of the fun. Then again, it can also lead to situations such as this. This video footage was recently taken at a Cars and Coffee event in Houston, Texas, and at first we wanted to be annoyed at the Viper driver for what happened. As he was exiting the event, he went a bit too fast, lost control, and quickly went into a skid before spinning and smashing the left front wheel into the curb.

The resulting damage was pretty bad, but fortunately there doesn't appear to be any injuries. And then there were the bystanders, those hoping to catch some decent footage to post to their social media. They got what they wanted in the end, but many also turned out to be outright mean by doing nothing but laugh.

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Some even ran over to the damaged Viper simply for the sake of getting more internet worthy footage. Never mind the condition of the driver; just laugh at the whole thing like immature children. So what if the driver did a complete fail? Aren't gearheads supposed to stick together and help each other out, especially when there's been an accident? Pathetic. Little. Twerps.

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