Who Says A 1,500 HP Twin-Turbo Supercar Can't Have Fun In The Snow?

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Snow won't stop this Lamborghini.

The majority of supercar owners don't take their expensive and high-powered machines out in inclement weather, which is a good idea. The owner of this 1,500 hp Lamborghini Gallardo, however, isn't like the majority of supercar owners. This EuroCharged Twin-Turbo Gallardo Superleggera makes winter look less dreary thanks to a set of donuts and short drifts. While wintery conditions would make any supercar look out of place, this 1,500 hp beast has been transformed to dominate the drag strip and watching it fight for grip is highly enjoyable.

Winter's cold, leaves you stranded in your house and usually means that you can't enjoy your car to the fullest. Let this insanely powerful Gallardo show you that winter can also be fun.

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