Who Says You Have To Stuff This Ferrari Flat 12 Into A Ferrari?

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With the exception of Ferrari enthusiasts, no one.

It couldn't be easier today to find a used Ferrari for sale. Getting the money together, that's a different story. But what about buying just a Ferrari engine and stuffing it into the car of your choice? If you're not a Ferrari purist that would find such an idea sacrilegious, the temptation to drop that affordable engine into something also relatively cheap could result in something very interesting. But where to find that Ferrari engine? Look no further than this current posting on Bring a Trailer.

This dry-sump flat-12 engine comes from a Ferrari 512 TR, the first of two model revisions for the famed Ferrari Testarossa. The 512 TR was launched in 1991 and built until 1994. Like the Testarossa, it had a longitudinally mid-mounted Tipo F113D 4.9-liter flat-12, only it was heavily reworked. It featured a new air intake engine system, Bosch engine management system, and larger intake valves, among other things. All told it produced 428 hp and 362 lb-ft of torque. This particular flat 12 also comes with the five-speed manual transaxle. So how did this engine/transaxle combo come to be without the rest of the Ferrari?

According to the post, both were removed for an engine-out service and inspection but the owner/seller found a lower mileage drivetrain from a wrecked 1995 512 M (the 512 TR's successor and last of the Testarossas) and installed that instead. Hey, if that guy can do an engine swap on a pair of Ferraris and not face the wrath of other Ferrari enthusiasts, then the options are abundant for whoever buys this. The drivetrain itself is complete, but the initial service was never fully completed. The transaxle reportedly shows some signs of wear. Both are offered on a California bill of sale and even come with a custom engine stand, fuel injectors, transmission components, and some other parts pictured here.

Although it'll require some initial work, having over 400 Ferrari-built horsepower at your disposal for a Frankenstein-like project is tempting. As of this writing, the highest bid was $5,120, but the auction still has a few days left. Photos courtesy of Bring a Trailer.


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