Who The Heck Is 'Top Gear's' Rory Reid And What Kind Of Cars Does He Drive?

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We give you some details about the show's youngest and possibly best presenter.

Episode three of "Top Gear" was the season's best. This was thanks in part to the first appearances of both Chris Harris and Rory Reid. We all knew Harris had what it took to be a presenter, but Reid was more of a wildcard. He is 36 and the former editor-in-chief of a technology website called Recombu. He also hosted a YouTube channel called Fast, Furious & Funny where he did car reviews. He knows a ton about tech and is credited with helping CNET create its Car Tech channel.

Rory Reid submitted his audition tape to "Top Gear" and was amazingly chosen to be on the show. Chris Evans, the show's executive producer, said that Reid's tape "simply blew [him] away." We don't know what Reid put in his 30-second tape that wasn't allowed to have a single car in it, but it must have been something special. Reid was somewhat popular on YouTube before "Top Gear," with his most popular review coming in the form of a spoken word poem about the Rolls-Royce Ghost. You can go on YouTube to become familiar with his body of work, but we still have some more important questions to ask. For instance, what are his favorite cars, and what kind of car does he drive?

One of the best parts of having Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond as hosts was that we knew a lot about their personalities and what types of cars they loved. Not all car enthusiasts have the same opinions, and this was obvious with the original trio. Clarkson loved AMG Mercedes cars while Hammond and May preferred the Porsche 911. While Hammond and May both loved the 911, the former also has a passion for old American muscle cars, while the latter has a weird obsession with underpowered cars like the Fiat Panda and Dacia Sandero. The differing opinions often made for some interesting banter that we just haven't seen from any of the new presenters. We guess that they are too busy coming into their roles.

We have covered the car collections of both Chrises, as well as the only American, Matt LeBlanc. But what cars pique the interest of Rory Reid? Reid wasn't as famous as the other presenters, so his car history was a bit harder to track down. However, we found an interview with Practical Motoring where he discussed his favorite cars. Reid says that he learned to drive in a 1978 Ford Fiesta and most of his first cars were terrible hand-me-downs. The first car he ever bought for himself was a Vauxhall Astra GTE 8V because it was "fast-ish" and he even once owned a Yugo that he tried to make faster. His beginnings were very humble, but what cars does he aspire to own? His gig on Top Gear should afford him some nice compensation after all.

Reid says that his all-time dream car is a 1969 Corvette Stingray because "astronauts drove them." He currently drives a BMW i8 to work, although we have also read reports that he owns a Ford Focus. Gearheads would agree that being a "Top Gear" presenter is a dream job. Clarkson, Hammond and May started from humble positions and were eventually able to buy the most amazing cars on the planet. Will Reid follow in their footsteps? On episode four of "Top Gear," Reid will be driving a Tesla Model X in New York, but we still don't understand why he hasn't been given the keys to anything really expensive yet. Rory Reid seems really capable and we can't wait to see more of his reviews and to watch his personal car collection grow.

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