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Who Wins? Chevy Camaro ZL1 1LE Vs. Santa's Sleigh

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So how does Chevy's sports car stack up against Santa's magic sleigh?

General Motors is no stranger to some hilarious marketing tactics. We particularly loved it when Chevy built a full-size Lego Batmobile with realistic specifications. Even though it wasn't from GM, we also loved the comedy Holden Colorado commercial that joked about how women don't typically appear in truck ads. In an attempt to get into the holiday spirit, GM Parts Center decided to draw an interesting comparison between the badass Chevy Camaro ZL1 1LE, and Santa's sleigh. So, which is better?

GM has to mention that Santa was not available to comment on some of his sleigh's specifications, so it had to make some estimations. For instance, the sleigh's weight includes Santa's big belly and presents for the entire world. Right off that bat, the ZL1 1LE seems to have a huge disadvantage in power, even with a 650 hp LT4 V8. Santa's sleigh is powered by Christmas cheer and nine reindeer, which helps it travel across the world in a single night. The Camaro uses a six-speed manual transmission, while the sleigh relies on a series of grunts and whistles, so this category is a bit of a wash. When it comes to fuel, the Camaro actually pulls ahead.

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The V8 in the Camaro may use up a lot of gas, but Santa's sleigh needs to stop for milk and cookies at every house. When it comes to speed and cargo volume, the Camaro can't come close to matching the sleigh. The Camaro can reach 60 mph in 3.5 seconds and hit a top speed of 181 mph. Santa's sleigh can do 60 mph in 1/32 of a millisecond (est) and hit a top speed of 2.3 million mph (est). The sleigh also has infinite cargo volume for presents, whereas the Camaro has 9.1 cu. ft. of cargo volume. The ZL1 1LE is an amazing car for $71,295, but Santa's sleigh is priceless and has to be the winner in this comparison. Sorry GM, don't challenge Santa.