Who Would Be Crazy Enough To Drive An M4 Through The Snow?

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Well, Nick Murray teaches us all how to be nuts!

Nick Murray is a YouTuber who is known for being a little crazy. He is the owner of a BMW M4 and has done some funny stunts with the car. Last winter he pitted BMW's 420-horsepower M4 in a tug-of-war battle against a Toyota Tacoma. The Tacoma obviously held a huge advantage with its four-wheel drive, but the M4 surprisingly held its own. Murray has been able to share many details that BMW doesn't tell you about the M4. Now Murray seems to be out of his mind because he thinks that his rear-wheel-drive sports car can dominate winter!

Murray shows us that with a good set of snow tires, even the powerful RWD M4 can be driven in the winter, and that the rest of us are wimps. His tips include reversing the car, thus making it essentially FWD to get out of problem areas, and never stopping on any hill.

While some of his tips are a bit unrealistic, like blowing through stop signs, his efforts do show that if you are patient (and crazy) enough you can drive any car in the snow.

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