Who Would Ever Do This To A New Lamborghini?

Fast and Furious on the streets of Tokyo.

A crew of Japanese Lamborghini buffs, led by Diablo driving Morohoshi-san, has taken aesthetic auto customization to a whole new level. The crew can be spotted cruising the streets of Tokyo at night driving cars so bright you’d think it was still day. These crazy looking supercars seriously look like something straight out of a Fast and Furious movie. The customization on these Japanese Lambos includes everything from flamboyant LED lights and holographic wraps, to intense strobe lights and flame-shooting exhausts.

This fleet of light-up Lamborghinis is a unique part of Japanese car culture and was covered by CarBuzz in 2013 in a post featuring the movie "Love to Hate Me". This latest clip comes courtesy of American car enthusiast Steve Feldman who recently met with Morohoshi-san in Tokyo and captured some incredible footage. Check it out here.

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