Whoever Spends $2.56 Million On This Bugatti Veyron Is Making A Smart Investment

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Not all Veyrons were created equal.

All Bugatti Veyrons are created equal, but to paraphrase the pigs in "Animal Farm," some Bugatti Veyrons are more equal than others. The Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse World Record Car Edition is one of those "more equal" examples. Only eight of the 450 Veyrons made came in this guise, and all were designed after the example that set a world speed record of 254.04 mph back in April 2013. Each can hit 254.04 mph as the 8.0-liter quad-turbo W12 engine was left untouched, with no pesky speed limiters spoiling the fun.

The black and orange example is being sold by H.R. Owen in London and can currently be seen at the Jack Barclay Bugatti showroom in Berkeley Square. It has a price tag of $2.56 million which is damn expensive. However, the car is a rarity, has an insane top speed and looks simply stunning. Seriously, the black with orange accents is artfully executed, making this Veyron look more menacing and less like a four-wheeled Halloween pumpkin. The orange stitching on the interior is also a nice touch. Nowadays supercars make awesome investments, so while $2.56 million may be a lot to drop it's not likely this car will depreciate in value.

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