Whoops, New Top Gear Show Caught Filming By Drone

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Rory Reid's hard at work.

An amateur drone pilot managed to spot the new Top Gear crew driving old and new Ford Mustangs in the Scottish Highlands recently and things look like they're going well. According to the UK's Western Daily Press, 41-year-old Keith Bremner was out for a drive with his wife when he saw a yellow Ford Mustang driving along a bridge in the area. The photographer immediately took out his drone to film the vehicle in action. While Bremner was just trying to film the car, he actually caught the new Top Gear filming for an episode.

From the short video, we can see Rory Reid leaning against the yellow Mustang with a white 1967 Mustang in the background. From the beautiful landscape, it's safe to assume that the new Top Gear will still have incredible backdrops.

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