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Why Are Lexus Owners Waking Up To Glitchy Navigation Systems?


This software issue could force owners to head to the dealership.

Toyota is working on a fix for an issue that has left Lexus owners without their navigation systems. Moe Durand, a spokesman for Lexus, says that the issue may have been caused by a faulty update that the company sent to cars via satellite. Toyota has yet to determine whether cars will need to return to the dealership to fix the issue. The problem has manifested itself in different ways depending on the Lexus model, but in all cases owners are unable to use any of the features on the central screen including navigation and radio controls.

Owners have posted videos of what the issue looks like. Basically the system keeps rebooting without letting you adjust anything. My own mother's ES350 was afflicted by this issue, but after disconnecting one of the battery terminals the problems seems to have been solved.

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