Why Are So Many People Stealing Land Rovers?


One model might be responsible.

We recently learned that the Land Rover Defender is being sold for crazy money in the US. But that makes sense as the SUV hasn't been available here for years. Now that production of the Defender has officially ended, thieves in the UK are targeting the car due to its rise in value. Sergeant Nick Hill of the Stokesley Police told British media earlier in the year that thieves have learned how to override the car's security system. Owners in the UK are being urged to upgrade their car's security accordingly.

Land Rover

Hill went on to say that "It appears an organized group of criminals is specifically targeting this make and model of vehicle. Of greatest concern to us is that it is evident these thieves have knowledge of this particular vehicle's factory-fitted security and electrical systems." In order to prevent thieves from taking your Defender, remember this is only for UK drivers, Hill suggests adding a tracking device and etching the VIN into the windows. The Defender has never been known as being the most theft-proof car, and rising parts values have created a bigger market for stolen parts. Police recommend buyers double check where their parts come from. UK Defender owners, our hearts go out to you.

Source Credits: www.autocar.co.uk

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