Why Are These Rugby Players Trying To Harm This BMW M2?

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What will they think of next?

The very last thing you'd want to do after peeling the Monroney sticker off of your brand new BMW M2 is to pepper it with rugby balls. But as we've learned before, BMW has a rather strange way of going about making its commercials. First up it was a mini series titled "The Hire" which saw Madonna peeing her pants. Next up was an X3 commercial that used a mentally insane woman as the scapegoat, angering mental health advocates.

And now, we have this gem for all of the Internet to see.

In order not to piss anyone else off, BMW decided to recruit Australian rugby team Qantas Wallabies to throw rugby balls at a pair of gorgeous brand new yellow M2s. After the rugby players get a go in the M divisions smallest work of art, the two cars have to drift around a corner with windows down while the team peppers the cars with rugby balls. The aim is to get as many balls inside the cars as possible. The team of professionals manages to do a decent job, but we're more impressed with the drivers and the car. After all, it's not easy to drift round a corner while expecting a blast to the face by a leather ball at any minute.

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