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Why Audi, Why Are You Doing This To The Next TT RS?

Life isn't always fair.

Another blow to those who crave rowing their own gears has struck again. This time it comes in the form of the next Audi TT RS. Set to arrive sometime next year, Car and Driver has just confirmed that there’ll only be one gearbox option: a seven-speed dual-clutch. The six-speed manual, the only gearbox offered in the previous US-spec TT RS (Europe also had a dual-clutch option), is being dropped entirely. Why has this decision been made? Simple economics.

Audi can’t justify the business case to engineer the 2016 TT RS with a manual for only a handful of US buyers. Remember, the TT RS is already something of a niche model and there was quite a campaign pushing Audi to bring it stateside the last time. Perhaps potential US buyers should just be happy the next one is still happening at all. Either way, this trend of dumping manuals in favor of even faster shifting dual-clutches isn’t going to stop. It’ll only increase. Will, for example, iconic cars like the Porsche 911 be next? We wouldn’t rule anything out these days.

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