Why Bother With Anything Else When There's The Lamborghini Countach QV

Those revs. Oh God, those revs.

There’s nothing normal about the Lamborghini Countach. Any Countach. Whether it’s an early model or a later one throughout its 16-year production run, the Countach has been special and will forever have a place on the list of the all-time greatest cars ever made. A little over 2,000 examples of the Countach were made, and the 5000 Quattrovalvole (or QV) that launched in 1985, was perhaps the ultimate performance version that evolved. Just 610 were built, each delivering 415 hp.

The V12 was bored and stroked and given four valves per cylinder, hence the Quattro name. Owners are usually protective of them, but not this guy. He had no problem whatsoever taking his glorious white Countach QV on the highway for some epic footage and audio courtesy of YouTuber DtRockstar1.

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