Why Buick Must Say 'Yes' to Avenir Production

Company is "absolutely" on the verge of doing it.

As GM's Australian-American lovechild created in collaboration between Holden and Buick, the Buick Avenir concept was one of the best-received ideas presented at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show. With an Australian-designed body and American interior, the 4-door coupe was one of GM's most important presentations at the show. Now, it seems that the car is likely to receive a green light for production, with Mark Reuss calling it a "nice and attractive" business case.

Speaking to Autoblog, General Motors' Executive Vice President of Global Product development said the company is "absolutely" considering a production version of the car. According to the report, if the Avenir went into production, it would keep the concept car's stunning exterior package and maintain its "next-generation" V6 alongside its nine-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive system. As a joint Aussie-American attempt at overcoming the yawns of badge engineering, the Avenir could put Buick back on track to staying relevant among younger buyers. With its modern underpinnings and killer looks, it could be just the right car to get the job done properly.

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