Why Buy A BMW M3 When You Can Get The Beating Heart Of A Ferrari?

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A glorious V10 out of a F1 car.

The BMW M3 isn't exactly a cheap sports car, but it has everything an enthusiast could ever ask for. That being said, this Ferrari V10 engine from a F1 car is better in every single way possible. The beating heart of the Ferrari F310B Formula One car is crossing the block thanks to RM Sotheby's for an estimated price of roughly $54,000 to $75,000 - or sports car territory. The F310B may not have won any championships, but the monstrous V10 propelled the race car to second in the 1997 season.

Formula One fanatics may recall that Michael Schumacher scored five victories thanks to the engine. RM Sotheby's didn't specify if the engine is working or not, but the 730 hp power plant looks to be missing one major aspect-the rest of the vehicle. There's no doubt that Ferrari's rich motorsport history will make an enthusiast fork over a ridiculous amount of money for this, but just think of all the possibilities.

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