Why Buy A House When You Can Lease These British Supercars?

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You could live in it, too.

McLaren has just made it easier for enthusiasts to enjoy its supercars without having to completely sell their souls or give up certain necessities, such as a house. Depending on your income and where you live, McLaren is offering wealthy enthusiasts the ability to lease its supercars for the very first time. The British automaker has partnered with Ally Financial to give enthusiasts with the financial means the chance to lease the McLaren 570S and even the 650S. Not excited? Well you will be when you hear how "affordable" the terms are!

Thanks to the new partnership, enthusiasts can get into the $185,000 570S for only $2,200 per month. The baby supercar may be the automaker's entry-level vehicle, but it's still ridiculously fast and capable. Enthusiasts can also lease the even faster and crazier 650S that has a starting price tag of $270,000, but McLaren didn't specify the lease payment for the larger supercar. As pointed out in the automaker's press release, the move makes sense as the brand attempts to utilize the 570S in a market where leasing is a major factor. The leasing move would also open up a certified-pr-eowned car market for the brand if the automaker chooses to sell the supercars at the end of the lease. It's a win-win for everyone.

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