Why Buy an Aston Martin When You Can Just Make One


This is one replica to definitely keep track of.

We have to admit that we are really curious to see how Ivan Sentch, a Software Engineer and his 3D printed 1961 Aston Martin DB4 will turn out. Why? Because it can change the whole game regarding how buyers and collectors shop for, replicate, or modifiy their cars. A DB4 can fetch anywhere from hundreds of thousands to over a million dollars at auction, so this new technology could pave the way for DIY folks to create some bad ass recreations on the cheap, and in their garage, using uncomplicated consumer level 3D printers.

Even though Sentch is an engineer by day, he has only been using the printing software for a few months, but he has some replica building experience with a home-built Ferrari 250 GTO using much of his 1993 Nissan Skyline GTS as a donor. The cost of the plastics for his project has been a meager $2,000, but the time cost has been much steeper. After he prints the plastic mold, he will create a fiberglass exterior for the DB4. He will be far from done as he will still have to complete working on the interior. He expects that his Aston will be ready to hit the road in about four to five years.

Source Credits: wired.com

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