Why Can't All Cars Come With This Awesome Display From HAMANN?

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BMW needs to add this on all of its cars.

German tuner HAMANN is known for giving BMWs a bit more power. The company has now created a really cool display gauge for the M4 that we want on our cars. This display is installed in one of the central air vents and can be connected to many of the car's sensors. The display allows you to open and close the valves in the exhaust, a feature which alone makes us crave this awesome display. It can also display information like battery voltage, boost pressure, water temperature, transmission temperature, dyno graphs and many more.

It can even give you your 0-60 and quarter mile times. The system works with all versions of the M3 and M4 with or without the HAMANN exhaust. The display will cost a little over $1,000. We really would love one of these in our cars, although the Dodge Challenger does most of these things for half the price.

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