Why Cant Ford Keep Up With Europe's Demand For Fast Cars?

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Henry Ford's assembly line is being strained.

Leonardo DiCaprio just used the Oscar speech that he waited twelve years and six nominations for so that he could enlighten the world on how perilous our climate change situation is. Still, Ford can't keep European buyers from raiding its dealerships and emptying stock of performance models like the Mustang and Focus RS. According to Ford's product development head Raj Nair, sales of Ford performance cars in Europe have risen 62% in 2015.


Not only that, but the Blue Oval still has 13,000 Mustang orders and 5,000 Focus RS orders to fill. This is good for Ford, but it brings on a whole host of problems not related to emaciated polar bears. For one, many of the performance parts that make up the Focus RS and Mustang come from small parts manufacturers that have a much harder time expanding to meet high production demands. Nair says that Ford plans fixing the parts shortage because the brand doesn't want customers to wait too long for its most emotional product. While much of this success is owed to the fact that the Mustang was intended to satisfy European customers, high sales in the US and China are putting a squeeze on the number of cars available.

Source Credits: www.autocar.co.uk

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