Why Change The Range Rover Evoque When It's Already Perfect?

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A few new engines and a hybrid option are all the new Evoque really needs.

Land Rover struck gold with the Range Rover Evoque. The model has sold over half a million units since it hit dealer lots in 2011. It also has not been updated since 2011, save for a few refreshes here and there. But a complete overhaul is on the way, as evidenced by these spy shots. This Evoque mule looks a lot like the current car its set to replace, save for the wider track. The fact that the majority of the CUV is left uncovered is telling. The front end is completely covered in camo and there is plastic on the rear fenders and rear apron.

However, the overall look of the Evoque has remained intact. The folks over at Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) are wise to leave the overall look alone. Range Rover has perhaps the best-looking small luxury crossover on the market. In a time when automakers can't build CUVs and SUVs fast enough that's saying something. Despite looking the same as its predecessor the new Evoque will feature a host of changes under the hood. Jaguar's new four-cylinder diesel and gas Ingenium engines will provide the power, replacing the Ford-sourced unit the current Evoque has. There will also be a hybrid model on offer, as evidenced by this test mule's high-voltage sticker. Plug-in hybrids seem to be all the rage at JLR nowadays.

The luxury small SUV market is getting more competitive each month. Fortunately JLR has a bit of a head start on the competition. So long as it doesn't drastically deviate from its current course the new Evoque should be a success.

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