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Why Chevrolet Camaro Engineers Didn't Give A Sh-t About The Mustang

The smack talk continues.

Although it was revealed a year before, the Ford Mustang wasn’t used as a benchmark for the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro. In fact, they didn’t even pay attention to their rival Motor City pony car. Supposedly. Why’s that? Because, according to GM Vice President of Product Mark Reuss, there simply was no reason to do so. "We did the car way before the New Mustang came out," Reuss told GM Authority. What’s more, the sixth-generation Camaro didn’t need to play catch up in the same way the Mustang did.

For example, the outgoing Camaro already had an independent rear suspension as well as other performance features that kept it fully competitive with the Mustang. What’s more, the fifth-gen Camaro regularly outsold the previous Mustang. Even this time around, the new Camaro won’t be following in the 2015 Mustang’s footsteps. Best example? No turbo four-cylinder will be offered. However, don’t be surprised to see Chevy one day drop one of its high-output twin-turbo V6s under the Camaro’s hood. But until that happens, your 2016 Camaro will stick with natural aspiration only, something that Mustang has already began to move away from.

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