Why Did A Billionaire Cut The Roof Off This Ferrari F40 LM?

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Not surprisingly, Ferrari hated it.

Some may know this story already, others not. In fact, the Ferrari F40 LM Barchetta isn't even officially recognized by Ferrari because they weren't the ones that cut its roof off. That was actually done by a guy named Jean Blaton, a Belgian-born billionaire who likes to buy things. Not only was he a car collector but he sometimes dabbled in racing. He purchased a Ferrari F40 LM in 1993. The F40 LM was built for racing purposes (LM for Le Mans) but Ferrari only produced coupes.

Blaton, because he wanted to have something no one else in the world did, didn't give a shit what Ferrari would say by turning his purchase into a roadster. So that's what he did. Our friend Marchettino was on hand recently to watch this one-off display of billionaire ego do some fly-bys on the track.

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