Why Did Clarkson, Hammond, And May Go With This Logo For 'The Grand Tour?'


Expect to see it all over Amazon and maybe even your hometown.

Some celebrities just know how to do social media the right way and in case you were wondering, Jeremy Clarkson is one of those people. Fortunately for us he likes to mix some actual news into his Twitter diet, which includes facts about the private parts of businessmen and, most recently, Brexit. This time, he decided to let us in on the secret logo that the team had been working on to help distinguish the trio's new show, "The Grand Tour," from the old "Top Gear" program they all worked on.

Instead of the single gear, a simple orange "GT" with horizontal stripes through the lettering is on offer. Aside from being flashy, the color is probably a nod to the orange arrow on Amazon's logo. As we all know logos don't really do much to ensure a show's success. Just look at what's been happening to Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc over at the new "Top Gear." Given that "The Grand Tour" is also a bit of a travel show, the logo may be something to look for outside of the TV screen in the chance that a taping session makes its way to your city. Expect the taping of the first show to occur in a little less than a month on July 17th in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Amazon/The Grand Tour
Source Credits: twitter.com

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